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G-BT09 Divine Dragon CaperG-CB04 Gear of Fate
G-BT08 Absolute JudgmentG-TCB02 The Genius Strategy
G-CB03 Blessing of DivasG-BT07 Glorious Bravery of Radiant Sword
G-FC03 G Fighters Collection 2016G-LD02 The Overlord blaze "Toshiki Kai"
G-TD08 Vampire Princess of the Nether HourG-BT06 Transcension of Blade & Blossom
G-SD01 Odyssey of the Interspatial DragonG-TCB01 The Reckless Rampage
G-BT05 Moonlit DragonfangG-FC02 G Fighters Collection 2015 Winter
G-TD07 Illusionist of the Crescent MoonG-CB02 Commander of the Incessant Waves
G-CMB01 Vanguard and DeletorG-TB01 Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-
G-BT04 Soul Strike Against The SupremeG-CB01 Academy of Divas
G-BT03 Sovereign Star DragonG-TD05 Fateful Star Messiah
G-FC01 G Fighters Collection 2015G-LD01 The Dark "Ren Suzugamori"
G-BT02 Soaring Ascent of Gale & BlossomG-TD04 Blue Cavalry of the Divine Marine Spirits
G-EB01 Cosmic RoarG-BT01 Generation Stride
G-TD02 Divine Swordsman of the Shiny StarG-TD03 Flower Maiden of Purity
G-TD01 Awakening of the Interdimensional DragonBT17 Blazing Perdition ver.E
BT16 Legion of Dragons & Blades ver.ETD16 Divine Judgment of the Bluish Flames
TD17 Will of the Locked DragonEB11 Requiem at Dusk
FC02 Fighters Collection 2014BT15 Infinite Rebirth
EB10 Divas DuetBT14 Brilliant Strike
TD13 Successor of the Sacred RegaliaEB08 Champions of the Cosmos
BT13 Catastrophic OutbreakEB07 Mystical Magus
TD12 Dimensional Brave KaiserBT12 Binding Force of the Black Rings
TD10 Purgatory RevengerTD11 Star-vader Invasion
BT10 Triumphant Return of the King of KnightsBT11 Seal Dragons Unleashed
TD08 Liberator of the SanctuaryEB04 Infinite Phantom Legion
EB05 Celestial ValkyriesEB06 Dazzling Divas
BT09 Clash of the Knights & DragonsBT08 Blue Storm Armada
TD07 Descendants of the Marine EmperorEB01 Comic Style Vol. 1
BT05 Awakening of Twin BladesTD04 Maiden Princess of the Cherry Blossoms
BT04 Eclipse of Illusionary ShadowsEB02 Banquet of Divas
BT07 Rampage of the Beast KingBT03 Demonic Lord Invasion
EB03 Cavalry of Black SteelBT06 Breaker of Limits
TD06 Resonance of Thunder DragonBT02 Onslaught of Dragon Souls
BT01 Descent of the King of KnightsTD01 Blaster Blade
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